James T. Hamje, P.E. Construction Expert



Technical Analysis


Residential High Rise, Philadelphia, PA: Analysis of contractor workmanship for renovation of high rise structure, including gas piping systems, elevators, roofing and interior finishes.

Historical Restoration, Atlantic City, NJ: Analysis of impacts due to asbestos abatement and design changes for ceiling restoration of an historic arched structure.

U.S. Navy: Analyzed ship building design, compliance
with ABS standards, and assembly delays for prototype torpedo testing and retrieving vessels.

Interstate Plaza, Springfield, VA: Detailed review of developer's project budgets on behalf of the lending bank to prove manipulation of soft costs in order to conceal construction overruns. Provided support for expert testimony
at trial.

Hyattsville Justice Center, MD: Analysis of backfill unit price issues, limestone cladding, utility relocation and extensive design clarifications
for courthouse project.

Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, HI: Technical evaluation of soil and asphalt pavement compaction testing procedures for runway expansion project.World Financial Center, New York: Developed detailed tracking of fabrication and erection delays to granite cladding system. Provided support for expert testimony at trial.

Coast Guard Barracks, Kodiak, AK: Analyzed timber glu-lam structural design problems and fabrication delays,
and delays and costs of asbestos removal.

Smithsonian Museum Storage Facility, Suitland, MD: Technical analysis of design and code compliance
for state-of-the-art museum storage system constructed under performance specs.


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